Terms & Conditions

The client is hiring and purchasing the services and expertise of Written Word Co.

Payment of the full package price will need to be paid by the client prior to a project commencing.
This process secures your booking.


A project has a ‘2-edits’ policy, allowing the client to suggest and/or make changes to the project if they wish. It is not required to use the ‘2-edits’.

Once a project is finalised and

delivered electronically and/or by mail,

Written Word Co. retains the IP, however, it is no longer a Written Word Co. ‘current project’ and if a client would like something else, they will need to purchase a brand new package and go through the writing/editing process again.


No refunds will be given if you simply

change your mind. 

A client can make a decision to forgo a project

or to not continue the process before

or during a project.
If a project does not meet your expectations, we are more than happy to discuss a solution.


All Written Word Co. projects are

for private use only.

All poems displayed on this website

are copyright of Written Word Co.

All poems are for display purposes only

and cannot be used, shared

or re-purposed unless given written consent. 

Public publishing without the permission of

Written Word Co. is not allowed.


All projects rights are reserved by

Written Word Co.

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