'We are'

We are gentle,

Swaying in the breeze.


We are poppy seeds,

And pollen beads,


We are sea air,

Gliding through hair.


We are whole,

Together and as one’s.

'Love Make'

Love kept us up all night


We made a beehive in the sheets


Waves meant for the ocean

in our bed instead


A symphony began to play

As we started on our instruments

A chorus ran through our bones


And as we felt the pull of 

the moon


We sank into each other's 



Love is a jewel, 

worn delicately on our fingers. 

Our hands wrapped, 

like a bow on a gift. 

I call out your name, 

in whispers so sweet. 

I dream of blue skies, 

and flowers wherever I look. 

Dreamy soft colours, 

paint the canvas we took. 

No more gloomy days, 

to take my joy away. 

Belly laughter, 

kisses tender. 

It's you and me baby. 

How lucky are we.


Music was the excuse,

to visit the bar that night.

The air followed me in,

As I entered the venue.

The rush of attraction,

the colours of desire.

I just had to have you.


Once we locked eyes,

that was enough...

I look into your eyes today,

The same eyes I got lost in,

all those years ago.


And I swear from this day on,

I will forever look for your eyes in each and every crowd,

and know I am home.


You are what dreams are made of, my love.

I make this oath to you:


I carry your heart,

in my hands.


Gentle with this priceless heirloom, 

as I could ever be.


You are precious to me.


My heart is yours today

and for the rest of my days.

'sweet tooth'

Jelly topped

Sweet treats

Cream and caramel

Melt in my mouth 


Sugar fix

Finger lick

Messy sprinkles

Cascading over goo


Toffee hit

Sugar lips

Soft doughy



Ruby grape


You taste so great

My little cupcake


As petals fall,

and the earth eats them up,

The soil enriches,

with pretty delicateness.

To feed the next seedling,

about to meet the dirt.

As sweet hands press them gently,

into the space you wilted in.


Pink is slowly growing,

matching the flush on her cheeks.

Her lips resemble the hues,

of flower beds and their symphonies.

Music in the stems, sounds of sunshine and water. 

Watch her bloom they said,

and soon you will find yourself in spring.


I learnt from loss,

that soon,



will take its place.


From a source that is

ripe with goodness.

A hole,

now whole.


Flying is easy, 

when the one you love, 

makes you feel like, 

you are


'butterfly kisses'

flutters gentle kiss my cheek.
Pink smoothie 
sweeter than sweet.
lipstick the taste of her.

in love.
Hard. Fast.
Engulf her heart.


Like a bee,

I linger on the sweetest flower.


Hold my gaze,



Dipped into honey,

& it made us




An open embrace,

calls to me.

Words of care,

meet my ear.

I am safe now.


The one who brought me here.

A fierce woman,

who will never leave my side.